Good that you have decided to use firewood as an alternative energy source. Did you know that 1 cbm of firewood has the same energy as 210 l of fuel? With only 15 cbm of firewood you can meet the energy needs of your own house.
We deliver all kinds of firewood to your house. Our firewood is dry and can be burned immediately. 95% of our firewood is beech.

We can deliver to you:

The picture shows firewood

Firewood in the form of logs

Cut and debranched logs are prepared and laid down for you at the side of the forest road.

The picture shows laminated wood

Piled and split firewood

The split firewood (1 m) is stored by us and transported by you.

The picture shows laminated wood

Firewood ready to be burned

We provide a full service. The split wood is cut to a length of 25-30 cm and is collected by you.